JPlaylister (JPlayer Playlister) v0.67
JPlayer Audio/Video Playlist Generator

JPlaylister v0.67 | Release Date: 2012.08(?)
JPlayer Audio/Video Playlist Generator

What it does

The JPlayer Playlister is kind of like a front-end for JPlayer. It allows you to implement a JPlayer Playlist more easily. By simply extracting the source to your web-server and copying your files into the 'media' folder from the source code, the songs will be made available on the demo page's JPlayer implementation.

Other features have been added as well: playlist sorting options, subfolder filtering, filetype/folder specification/exclusion, subfolder navigation and filtering, and server-side configurable or URL argument overrides for some customization options.

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This page demonstrates the JPlayer Playlister, by Chapman IT. The original, far more elementary, use of this code can be seen here. Backstory can be found there, as well. Since then, many features have been added, as detailed in the revision history above. Also, many others have extended the functionality of the code to perform useful tasks such as accept user submissions.

I implemented this player, and coded the Playlister (Playlist Generator)...but couldn't have done it without lots of help:

JPlayer » Awesome HTML5 (flash fallback) Audio/Video player with playlist capability which is the foundation upon which this project was built; and the bricks comprising the walls, for that matter.
getID3 » PHP Class allowing the easy access to ID3 information for various audio files.

_Using the Code_
A basic grasp of PHP will help, and perhaps be necessary, to use this code. You may be able to scrape by if you don't know Javascript (like me).

Basically, though, assuming you are running a web server with PHP installed and configured, you will need to extract the contents of the JPlayer Playlister (download from links above) and drop some audio and/or video video files or folders into the 'media' folder. After that, load up the page and you should be all set.

The Playlister uses JPlayer to play songs/videos in target directory and all subfolders, offering some filtering options to play songs from specific subfolders and sorting options to determine the order.

There are some configuration options at the top of 'index.php' which you can change to your liking. Let me know if you have any trouble. Email me( or post a comment at my blogspot featurette: JPlayer Playlister.

-Nick C

Displaying music from all folders and subfolders

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